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Latest Bali Events

19-26 March 2017
Bali Spirit Festival 2017
Bali Spirit Festival 2017 will see its 10th annual running this nmonth, once again gathering like-minded yoga instructors and practitioners of all different levels from Bali and around the world. The festival is also a celebration of east and west through world arts, dance and music through colourful concerts and performances. A packed agenda features numerous health and wellbeing workshops held in various yoga centres in Ubud and around Bali.

21 March 2017
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple Piodalan Anniversary
Among the island's most iconic temples, this lakeside temple celebrates its biannual piodalan temple anniversary, which coincides each Kliwon Julungwangi Tuesday on the traditional Balinese pawukon calendar. Pilgrims from the adjacent villages attend to prayers at the temple.

21 March 2017
Besakih Temple Piodalan Anniversary
Besakih Temple, also considered the 'mother temple' in Bali, celebrates its biannual piodalan temple anniversary, which coincides every Tuesday on a Kliwon Julungwangi cycle on the Balinese 210-day pawukon calendar. Pilgrims from all over the island flock to the temple for prayers, providing a unique sight to see on this sacred sanctuary at the foot of Mount Agung, the island's highest peak.

25 March 2017
Melasti Pilgrimages
The Melasti processions take place approximately three days prior to the Saka New Year, when pilgrims take heirlooms in long walks from temples towards the coastlines where purification rites take place. Parasols, banners and small effigies paraded along the horizon make for a stunning and only-in-Bali scene.


27 March 2017
Pengerupukan, New Year's Eve of the Saka Calendar
  The eve of the Saka New Year is a storm before the silent, as all the celebrative commotion takes place in the afternoon, and grotesque ogoh-ogoh papier-mâché effigies are paraded throughout the streets in Bali. The evening features lit fire torches, and sometimes firecrackers as well, meant to rid the land of malevolent forces, to prepare for the subsequent silent and contemplative day that is Nyepi.

28 March 2017
Nyepi Day of Silence and Seclusion, Saka New Year 1939
  Nyepi Day in Bali is a New Year celebration unlike anywhere else on the planet. Bali’s celebrates the Saka New Year as the Bali Day of Silence, an ultimately quietest day of the year, when all of the island's inhabitants abide by a set of local rules, which brings all routine activities to a complete halt. Roads all over Bali are void of any traffic and nobody steps outside of their home premises.

29 March 2017
Ngembak Geni, day after Nyepi
  The silence of the Saka New Year celebration ‘breaks’ as the morning does at 06:00; the day is a local holiday in Bali and families visit each other as it is a time for gatherings and short travels.

29 March 2017
Omed – Omedan, Festival of splashes and smooches
  Omed-Omedan is a traditional festivity restricted to the village of Sesetan. It is held on the day after Nyepi (Day of Silence and Seclusion), when the youth and whole sub-village of Banjar Kaja Sesetan take to the street where water is splashed and sprayed, and the highlight being two sides of the crowd in a tug-o-war-like scene with a pair in the middle ‘forced’ to smooch at each interval.

04 April 2017
Penampahan Galungan
  Penampahan Galungan derived from the Balinese word tampah which means '(to) kill, slaughter'. The killing of animals in this respect is symbolic for killing 'the animal inside yourself' - the victory of the higher self over the ego in their struggle for control of the inner power of the individual; implicity this symbolizes the victory of dharma over adharma.

05 April 2017
Galungan Day
  Galungan is when Balinese Hindus commemorate the legendary battle of good versus evil, or the triumph of the spread of Hinduism in Bali. Offerings and prayers take place at family shrines and village temples on April 5. The eve, April 4, sees all Balinese households busy in preparations, by decorating curved bamboo poles with elements of harvests and natural produce, such as rice, fruit, coconuts, and leaves. These 'penjor' poles symbolize blessing by Mother Nature.

06 April 2017
Umanis Galungan
  Umanis Galungan is A day after Galungan, the day is a local holiday in Bali and families visit each other as it is a time for gatherings and short travels.

11 April 2017
Purnama Kedasa
This special full moon is considered highly significant amongst Balinese Hindus. Known as 'Purnama Kedasa' in the local tongue, the day coincides with many major temples celebrating in festive rituals, attended by thousands of devotees. The famous mother temple, Besakih, holds a special ceremony known as 'Betara Turun Kabeh' on this special day, inviting the gods and deified ancestors for their blessings.

15 April 2017
Kuningan Day
Kuningan Day roughly takes place 10 days after the Galungan celebrations. Offerings and prayers are conducted at temples and shrines before noon. One of the island's most notable temples is Sakenan on Serangan Island, which coincidentally celebrates its piodalan temple anniversary around the day of Kuningan with a series of festivities, sacred dances and flows of pilgrims from all over during its three-day celebrations.

15 April 2017
This age-old tradition coincides with the day of Kuningan and features the whole male villagers of Munggu joining in brandishing long stiff bamboo poles onto the streets. Over a thousand jovial participants and curious onlookers flock to the village streets, reenacting the triumphant battles of the Blambangan war. Each of the pole ends are combined in mid-air forming a dynamic pyramid where to friendly opponents climb up this mountain and face-off at the peak.