7 Day with Tonys

7 Day with Tonys

Monday - Sendratari and Barong Dance

Memorable Monday with Tonys

Enhance your authentic Balinese experience during your holiday. Experience the fascinating one of Bali’s Ancient and sacred Dance Sendratari and Barong Dance every Monday. Barong is a manifestation of the God in form of a Lion that has magical powers as a protector of goodness in fighting crimes in the form of Rangda. Balinese gamelan orchestra is played to accompany your dining atmosphere. Make your holiday special and unforgettable by take pleasure in dinner with cultural show. Our well known Balinese ballet (sendratari) with Barong Dance jazzes up your dinner with Balinese extravaganza.

Meanwhile, enjoy dinner with Live Satay Barbecue, Soups and Traditional Balinese Sweet. Only served at Tonys Villas and Resort. Experience once on your life time.

7 Day with Tonys

Tuesday – Balinese Healthy Cooking Class (For Health of the Body and Mind)

Memorable Tuesday with Tonys

Experience the culinary adventure by taking our favorable Balinese Healthy Cooking Class. Uplift your cooking skill by the introduction of resourceful cooking techniques, different ingredients, and how to approach the food in a different way. Our cooking class is going to transform your views on Balinese Cuisine in relation to the health of the body and mind.

Our experienced chef is pleased to accompany you to get on a culinary adventure to reveal the secrets of genuine Balinese cooking by taking advantage of local ingredients. During the class, you will be carefully guided to know in-depth about nutrient contents and many benefits of the healthy foods, including the mythology of the ingredients in use.

Our Balinese cooking class is ideal for enthusiastic food lovers who like to develop new cooking skills, or know simple concept of the local healthy food. Having finished the class, you can enjoy the dishes you have prepared with love.

Let’s be a chef of Balinese cuisines and having fun together, keep in mind to bring home more than just raw photos of this magical Paradise Island

7 Day with Tonys

Wednesday – Balinese Activity and Balinese Royal Dining

Memorable Wednesday with Tonys

Curious with the Balinese offerings you see wherever you go in this magical island of the Gods? That small square flower offering is called Canang Sari. Canang sari is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to thank The Almighty God in praise and prayer. Canang sari will be seen in the Balinese temples (pura), on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of a larger offering. Join our Balinese Activity to complete your Balinese Authentic Experience.

Want to know more about Balinese Authentic Experience? The Balinese Royal Dining is a dining tradition of Balinese Royal Family hundred years ago and celebrate special occasion other than entertaining special guests. The menus originate from diverse regions across Bali, a combination of seafood shrimp and chicken will pamper your apetite.

Meanwhile, a Beleganjur Balinese gamelan orchestra is played to jazz up your dining athmospere. Experience like a King and Queen. Only served at Tonys Villas and Resort

7 Day with Tonys

Thursday – Balinese Rijstaffel with Live Acoustic

Memorable Thursday with Tonys

DELVE into the vivacity of ‘holiday season’ with family and friends by tasting our mouth-watering Balinese Rijsttafel Dinner. Take a sip of the good life with our wonderful menu collections and fresh tunes with ethnical fusion every Thursday to accompany your dining experience .

Only served at Tonys Villas and Resort

7 Day with Tonys

Friday – Balinese Activity and Barbecue

Memorable Friday with Tonys

Another day to learn as Balinese. Still curious how to make the Balinese offering? Let’s we do again, we would more than happy to show you how to make this pretty hand-made offering called Canang Sari.

 Meanwhile, It’s Friday! When the air smells freh and crips, it’s time to have annual party. So, let’s give the cooking stove a miss and fire up the grill instead. BBQ Time! A luxuriate in a healthy and delicious BBQ kick off the beautiful season with Tonys Special BBQ Selection.

7 Day with Tonys

Saturday – Balinese Legong Dance with Pasta Live Cooking

Memorable Saturday with Tonys

BEAUTIFUL and graceful movement of the Legong dancers will grace your pasta dinner. This Balinese classical dance representing angel figures was formerly presented in royal palace to amuse royal families and guests. Now, it comes to entertain you in an exclusive moment.

Meanwhile, watching Legong Dance you can enjoy dinner with live cooking pasta, green salad and dessert. Only served at Tonys Villas and Resort, experience once on your lifetime

7 Day with Tonys

Sunday -Yoga Session and Romantic Dinner

Memorable Sunday with Tonys

Your body exist in the past, your mind exist the future. In Yoga they come together in the present. While your holiday at Tonys Villas and Resort, we provide Yoga Session to create inner serenity and harmony

Then, closed your great week with “Suntic” Sunday Romantic sounds fabulous. Celebrate an unforgettable moment in the magical substance that make your night the most romantic journey with your beloved one in a private dinner with distinctive set up by the pool or private pool villa

Simply choose the menu of Romantic Dinner Selection including two glasses of red wine.

 Nothing more romantic than seeing your loved one in the eye under dazzling star