Our Commitment to Enhanced Cleanliness, Health, & Safety Procedures


Green Act - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

  • Paper Box & Staw

    Replacing Stryrofoam box and plastic straw into paper box and straw to help reduce disposable plastic waste.

  • Glass Mineral Water

    Replacement of mineral water in plastic packaging into refillable glass packaging.

  • Paper Tea Bag

    Replacement plastic The dip wrapping into paper wrappers in direct messages from the factory

  • 2 in 1 liquid (shampoo & bath gel)

    2 in 1 liquid that can be used as a shampoo and bath gel that is placed in a container to reduce the amount of disposable packaging.

  • Reuse linen garbage bag

    Reusable cloth garbage bag

  • Reuse sheet into empowerment bag

    Reprocessing linens that are not worthy of use as an environmentally friendly bag

  • Reuse recycle paper for administration

    Use of recycled paper for office administration

  • Waste processing system for watering plant

    Processing of solid waste independently into water ready to use for field purposes such as watering crops


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